Επιστροφή στο Forum : New member? Introduce yourself.

07-03-05, 23:22
Welcome to our virtual hang-out place! Say hallo to us. Let’s get know each other! Here you will find a lot of people loving their Stilos. You can find information about your car, problems that you may be dealing with or improvements that you are willing to do. Of course, if you are going to visit Greece, we would be glad to meet you and introduce you to many magnificent places of our country.

08-03-05, 13:43
:D Hi everyone in beautiful sunny Greece, thought i would introduce myself, my name is Steve and i am from England

08-03-05, 13:46
Welcome Steve, enjoy your stay! ;)

08-03-05, 13:51
Hallo Steve! Welcome to our Club! Soon you will find more english words than greek ones in the forum! :wink:

08-03-05, 15:52
yellow froggie!! i'm Dina from Crete and i have the one and only multiwagon of the club :) enjoy your stay around :) and feel free to ask anything

08-03-05, 22:12
Welcome Steve!!!!

09-03-05, 00:21
Welcome also from me Steve!!

26-08-05, 06:12
Hi everybody my name is Juan from the dominican republic and I own a 2005 5 door Stilo with a 1.8 16 V , 133 cv Engine, MP3 Player, 16" Alloy wheels, grey color.

I need to put a turbo inside the hood , I;m looking for a Garret t25 Turbine , custom made intercooler, Exhaust manifold from a SPA Turbo in brazil, ( because my car is a brazilian made model with the Italian 1.8
export engine) the problem is I need the ECU and the instructions for mounting it, I want to put some more power but I dont want to make major changes inside the engine.

Please guys anyone who understand my adrenaline need please let me know, regards: Juan

26-08-05, 06:44
Hi Juan. While this is a topic for the new members to introduce their selves, check out the new topic in the International Section "Turbo Stilo". :) http://www.stiloclub.gr/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=1471

Welcome to our club :wink:

26-08-05, 09:11
welcome Juan..

a turbo kit on an 1.8 stilo is tiny bit more difficult aplication than on an 1.6 because of the variable timing..in ur case a G T25 is small and u ' ll need T28 ball bearing....

unfortunatelly u can not use the perallel ecu that we have cause is for 1.6 only and there is no 1.8 turbo yet in greece..so in order to make an ECU u need to find a programer in ur country that can progman it "on the road"...

it reeds from the throtle body, map sensor, lamba sensor.....

28-11-05, 14:30
Hi there, just registered on here, after seeing a few posts and members from here on the fiatforum..........so im from england..........hello!

28-11-05, 14:36
Hi there, just registered on here, after seeing a few posts and members from here on the fiatforum..........so im from england..........hello!

Hello my friend also from this site... not only from Fiat forum...

I hope you like it... here you will find many many photos from our activities... enjoy... hope to see you in our country some day... and to arrange a different Stilo meeting!!!

28-11-05, 14:45
"Geia sou" (hallo) activematt! :) Look around our forum and if you need anything, just shout! Have a pleasant stay... ;)

28-11-05, 14:51
Thanks guys for the warm welcome..........im liking the site

28-11-05, 14:54
One question................what does it say above my avatar?????

28-11-05, 15:10
One question................what does it say above my avatar?????

"New member"
We are working on translating everything to English, but it needs a lot of work to be done. :? If you need anything (to ask or to suggest) just start a new topic and we will try to help...

10-03-09, 23:20

My name is mike. i live in germany.
I come from Ingolstadt (The City of the Brand AUDI) in the near of munich.

greets mike

11-03-09, 11:29
Welcome Mike... enjoy your stay! :D

11-03-09, 22:42
welcome my friend

22-05-09, 10:18
Hellooo to all.....

I'm from ZAgreb, Croatia 24 years old, driving stilo 1.4 16v 2006 year

I am looking forward to chat with all of you :)

22-05-09, 10:37
welcome dario...

22-05-09, 12:05
Welcome my friend!

22-05-09, 14:54
Hi from verone!!!

22-05-09, 15:01
welcome dario

22-05-09, 22:28
welcome my friend

23-05-09, 13:15
Hi, I cam from Romania and I have some Fiat cars. I know greek tuners are one of the best tunners from world (my Coupe was from Greece).

23-05-09, 13:53
welcome cox

23-05-09, 16:26
Cox... seems you are a Fiat FREAK!!!!!!! Keep on !
Like we do!

23-05-09, 17:20
Salut domnul Cox... Bine ai venit la forum...
De unde esti? Pe care Oras...?

23-05-09, 23:07
Sunt din Mehedinti, insa acum stau in Bucuresti. Yes, I am a Fiat Freak and I wan'a know more about Fiat so I ask you about tuning, how to upgrade my Stilo, because my Bravo allready has 193000 km, so I think is a litle old for un upgrade and Coupe is enough, for now.
Nice to see peoples who have passion for Fiat.

24-05-09, 11:01
A re glosomatheia sto stiloclub!!!

24-05-09, 14:40
welcome my friend

20-08-09, 13:50
O PNL είπε να σας δώσω χαιρετίσματα... και μου ήρθε μια ιδέα... για φανταστείτε μια συνάντηση στο εξωτερικό με άλλο stiloclub...

20-08-09, 14:44
Hello my friends,
I will came in Greece for 3-4 days after 23.08. I want to stay in Paralia, can you help me with any campings near Paralia, Katerini? I will came with my Bravo.
Efaristo poli!

24-09-09, 09:06
Ρε που μας ανακαλυψε αυτος!

Welcome Dario!

24-09-09, 13:58
Welcome dario to club.

Καμια καλη κροατισσα εχεις μαζι????:)

απο αγγλικα παντως σκιζουμε ολοι....αντε και εκδρομη στο εξωτερικο φετος:D

23-05-15, 18:38
Hello everybody! my name is Raphael or Thanasis . I have two names yes! :) im from Chalkidiki Greece (Nea Moudania) and recently I bought my STILO <3
I just turned 18 so my first car is going to be the best car for me :)!
so I bought
Fiat Stilo 2002 (16V / 80HP /1.2) Grey colour and im thinking of sending it to the guy to make my color Yellow because I love the yellow colour!
also I would like to ask! can I put the RADIO-Screen-Navi 8inch on my car since its the 1.2? I found it and I really need to buy it for my love !
also should I put xenon lamps or xenon LIGHTS?(if this is available) XD

23-05-15, 20:18
Φιλαράκι , χουάι ντού γιού πόστ ιν ίγκλισχ λάνγκουιτς ????...ολ οβ αζ χίερ ουί αντερστέν αντ σπικ Γκρήκ μαι φρέν...:devil:

...μπάι δε γουέι , για αυτά που ρωτάς , ψάξε πολύ μέσα στο Forum και θα βρείς απαντήσεις για ΟΛΑ και όχι μόνο για αυτά , αλλά και για χίλια δυό ακόμα ../..γουέλκαμ , και στά "δύσκολα" εδώ είμαστε....:metalo:

23-05-15, 20:20
ευχαριστω πολύ Jason μηπως παιζει κανενα λινκ για κανενα από αυτά? :P